VVN feat. Jasmine Sendar - Alles voor heel even

The music video for Veilig Verkeer Nederland is completed.
To view it, click on the picture.


VVN Music Video part II

The shoot for the Veilg Verkeer Nederland music video was a succes.
The whole thing was shot in one day, and we were very lucky with the weather. No rain but amazing clouds in the sky, not too cold, beautiful light. A great crew and Jasmine did a good job singing the song at 200% speed.
The video what shot on a Sony PMW-EX1 35mm CineAlta. Some shots we did at 50 fps for nice slowmotions.
On October, 15, the video will be released.


VVN Music Video

For the Dutch non-profit organisation 'Veilig Verkeer Nederland' we're preparing a music video for a song by Jasmine Sendar, title of the song is 'Alles voor heel even'. The shoot will be on October 8th in Amsterdam. It's a story about a girl who loses her boyfriend in a tragic traffic accident. For this clip we are proud to welcome Director of Photography Ignjat Miletic from Marcus Heinz to our crew.


Guess Adventure

We recently completed a short presentation for Guess Watches to launch a special website to celebrate their 25th anniversary.


Website restyling

The final version of is online.We've added a Jobs page for freelance camera operators, animators, 3 artists, producers, lighting people, screenwriters to submit their resumé. This will be added to our database. So if we need people, we consult our database first.

New Portfolio videos online.

Today we uploaded a bunch of promos made for MTV Networks in 2008-2009.


Sprint ad

Very nice ad.


Philippe Grammaticopoulos

On Motionographer I found this nice little animation. It’s by Philippe Grammaticopoulos, a French director working with the somewhat mysterious production company Mr. Hyde in Paris.


Cool free RSS icons

Matthew Inman is a talented 26 year old web designer from Seattle.
Oat is his blog and he shares with us his beautiful designed RSS icons.
Click here to see his portfolio, and here for the free icons.


Site on air! is finally on air.


Amazing animation

A beautiful 3D animation, what I like about it is the cartoonstyle figure in a very realistic environement.
The maker has an incredible eye for detail.

Alarm from Meteorix007 on Vimeo.

Alarm is an animation directed for Jang Moo-hyun from the independent team of MESAI.


Working on

Currently I’m working om my last webproject.
That will finish my triple site project; Blog, Portfolio and iPhone site.


Knock out logo background

A quick tip if you need to knock out an even colored background of logo’s or images found on the net with nice clean edges.
Open your image in Photoshop.
First make sure the image is in RGB mode.
Go to: Image > Mode > RGB color
Then make the layer independent by double-clicking it in the layers window.
With one of the selection tools, select a portion of the background color.
Go to: Select > Similar

And all of the background pixels are selected.
Hit delete on the keyboard and you have a nice clean logo with perfect edges.
If the text in the logo is the same color as the background, go in quickmask-mode and paint in the text.


iPhone page launched.

Today is the first day my iPhone page is online and I like it.
Thanks to Apples iPhone SDK, which contains an amazing iPhone simulator, I was able to test the site like it was a real iPhone.
Maybe in the future I will use it to create some simple app’s, but for now creation of this little website was fun enough...
The site was made using Rapidweaver, Touch theme.