Good F*** Design Advice

Freelance designers need a kick in the but once in a while. This works best when the kick comes with a smile.
A group of designers came up with a nice campaign.
You should not be offended by the word Fuck for this, and it’s hilarious.
Get yourself a mug and a poster to help you to remind the things that matter.
If you are a designer, and you need some good advice, Read more...

Unleash Your Fingers

Very nice video that came out this summer and still inspires.

First I was amazed by what this guy does with his fingers. It’s called finger Tutting, a new kind of dance performed by JayFunk, from LA.
But then the 3D animation just blew me away. It’s a well crafted, organic integration of live performance with computer graphics.
La Rose & Vincent Drux composed the perfect sound track that melts all the elements together. Great Job!

Commercial video for Samsung Galaxy SII phone.
It’s produced by La Bande Originale, a French creative agency, based in Paris. Read more...

Steve Jobs 1955-2011


Charismatic visionary and genius innovator Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, died at age 56.


Sprint ad

Very nice ad.


Philippe Grammaticopoulos

On Motionographer I found this nice little animation. It’s by Philippe Grammaticopoulos, a French director working with the somewhat mysterious production company Mr. Hyde in Paris.


Amazing animation

A beautiful 3D animation, what I like about it is the cartoonstyle figure in a very realistic environement.
The maker has an incredible eye for detail.

Alarm from Meteorix007 on Vimeo.

Alarm is an animation directed for Jang Moo-hyun from the independent team of MESAI.