Motion Graphics

Science and Technology in 3D

As part of our visualization services, we offer Science and Technology animations; S&T in 3D.

3D vs. Stereoscopy

”You do 3D? Oh, with the glasses?”
When I tell people I make animations and images in 3D, I always have to explain what I mean. Since most movies in cinema are referred to as being 3D, there is some misunderstanding of the term 3D.
3D refers to 3D computer graphics and Stereoscopy.
Comments promo

A promo animation we made for, a non-profit organization for cultural education for schools.

More info at


Red Bull Relax viral

A short pack shot for my sister's school assignment.


Chanel No.5 in 3D

This is a 3D model of a Chanel bottle I made for a new diamond render scene.


3D Diamond Clapper

As a study to create photorealistic diamonds, I’ve made this short clip.

Here’s the original, without a color filter:


Animation Demo Reel 2010

Kaspi Productions Animation Demo Reel 2010 is online.


Filmisreal! trailer

This is the official Filmisreal! 2010 trailer in HD.

The Festival had 3 themes;
Army Life, Stories from the edge and The Other Israel.


Filmisreal trailer preview

For the Filmisreal festival 2010 in Amsterdam I made the opening trailer representing 3 different themes.
The trailer will be online soon.

Click the pictures for a large preview

Filmisreal is a Festival for New Israeli Cinema.
It took place from April 21-25 - 2010 in Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam and May, 23 - 2010 at the FIlmhuis,The Hague. For more information about the Filmisreal festival, please visit


Philippe Grammaticopoulos

On Motionographer I found this nice little animation. It’s by Philippe Grammaticopoulos, a French director working with the somewhat mysterious production company Mr. Hyde in Paris.


Amazing animation

A beautiful 3D animation, what I like about it is the cartoonstyle figure in a very realistic environement.
The maker has an incredible eye for detail.

Alarm from Meteorix007 on Vimeo.

Alarm is an animation directed for Jang Moo-hyun from the independent team of MESAI.