Digital Bolex D16

Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.

Once upon a time, motion picture cameras that created high-quality images were affordable for all filmmakers on any budget. Consumer 8mm and 16mm cameras like the original Bolex shot footage that could be projected on any movie theater screen. Read more...

DNA Strain

Exploring and creating scientific microscopic images.

Jiddish is my instrument


For years, the Yiddish culture was associated with images of ghettos and a sad, lost world. Now the Yiddish language, culture and music are back in the spotlight.
Dutch singer Shura Lipovsky is one of the driving forces behind the global rebirth of the Yiddish songbook. For the documentary "Yiddish is my instrument”, the singer has been followed around the globe for over a year, teaching and performing Yiddish songs.

Produced by Special Eyes.
Editor: David Kaspi
The 45 minute documentary will be aired on April 1st, 14:10, on Nederland 2.

Unleash Your Fingers

Very nice video that came out this summer and still inspires.

First I was amazed by what this guy does with his fingers. It’s called finger Tutting, a new kind of dance performed by JayFunk, from LA.
But then the 3D animation just blew me away. It’s a well crafted, organic integration of live performance with computer graphics.
La Rose & Vincent Drux composed the perfect sound track that melts all the elements together. Great Job!

Commercial video for Samsung Galaxy SII phone.
It’s produced by La Bande Originale, a French creative agency, based in Paris. Read more...

Educatorium museum film

For the Educatorium, ’Museum of Education’ in Ootmarsum, I’ve edited a 15 minute presentation about the history of the school system.
The film is produced by Special Eyes.
More information about the Educatorium here.



Demo reel 2011 release

The new Demo reel 2011 by Kaspi Productions is released.
An overview of noticeable projects of the past time.


Filmisreal 2011 trailer

For the Annual Filmisreal Festival in the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam, I made this trailer.
More information about the festival here.



Herman van Veen - Onbelangrijk Belangrijk


Eerder dit jaar werd kunstenaar, zanger, schilder en muzikant Herman van Veen vijfenzestig jaar. Regisseurs Pamela Sturhoofd en Jessica van Tijn volgden Van Veen de afgelopen anderhalf jaar tijdens diverse bijzondere gebeurtenissen in zijn werk- en privé-leven. Niet eerder liet Herman van Veen de camera's zo dichtbij komen om een langere periode in zijn leven te filmen. 'Onbelangrijk Belangrijk' ging onlangs in première tijdens het Nederlands Film festival 2010 in Utrecht.

AVRO Close Up: 'Onbelangrijk Belangrijk': 26 december, 18:25 uur, Ned. 2.Read more...
Comments promo

A promo animation we made for, a non-profit organization for cultural education for schools.

More info at


Red Bull Relax viral

A short pack shot for my sister's school assignment.


Perquisit Music video

A music video we did post-production for.


Documentary Herman van Veen at Nederlands Film Festival

We are proud to announce that ‘Onbelangrijk Belangrijk’ is accepted by the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht. The premiere will be on September 26, 2010.
Kaspi Productions is editing a documentary about Herman van Veen, for production company Special Eyes.
The title is ‘Onbelangrijk Belangrijk’, which means Unimportant Important, and is a tribute to Herman van Veen for his 65th birthday.

More info at Nederlands Film Festival.


Bacardi cocktails

This is one of three short movies I have edited for the Bacardi website.
It shows how to make a Bacardi Mojito in one take. The job was to make the edits invisible.


3D Diamond Clapper

As a study to create photorealistic diamonds, I’ve made this short clip.

Here’s the original, without a color filter:


Animation Demo Reel 2010

Kaspi Productions Animation Demo Reel 2010 is online.


Demo reel 2010 preview

This is a frame render from the forthcoming Kaspi Productions Demo reel 2010.

Click the picture to view full size.

BlazHoffski logo animation

For production house BlazHoffski we’ve made a 10 second logo animation as into for their showreel.
It was made using Cinema 4D and After Effects.


¿Soy Niño? - Am I a child?

This is a short documentary movie we’ve produced about child labour in Peru.
Jannet Honigmann and cameraman Michael Ballak went to Peru with a Canon D5 MKII and made some shocking, yet breathtaking images.


Open dag van de zorg - commercial

For Regioplus we made a commercial to promote the open dag van de zorg.

More Diamonds

Improving the quality of the 3D render. Testing new depth of field and motion blur plugins.
This is a still picture preview of the forthcoming clip.


VVN feat. Jasmine Sendar - Alles voor heel even

The music video for Veilig Verkeer Nederland is completed.
To view it, click on the picture.


VVN Music Video part II

The shoot for the Veilg Verkeer Nederland music video was a succes.
The whole thing was shot in one day, and we were very lucky with the weather. No rain but amazing clouds in the sky, not too cold, beautiful light. A great crew and Jasmine did a good job singing the song at 200% speed.
The video what shot on a Sony PMW-EX1 35mm CineAlta. Some shots we did at 50 fps for nice slowmotions.
On October, 15, the video will be released.


VVN Music Video

For the Dutch non-profit organisation 'Veilig Verkeer Nederland' we're preparing a music video for a song by Jasmine Sendar, title of the song is 'Alles voor heel even'. The shoot will be on October 8th in Amsterdam. It's a story about a girl who loses her boyfriend in a tragic traffic accident. For this clip we are proud to welcome Director of Photography Ignjat Miletic from Marcus Heinz to our crew.


Guess Adventure

We recently completed a short presentation for Guess Watches to launch a special website to celebrate their 25th anniversary.


Site on air! is finally on air.


iPhone page launched.

Today is the first day my iPhone page is online and I like it.
Thanks to Apples iPhone SDK, which contains an amazing iPhone simulator, I was able to test the site like it was a real iPhone.
Maybe in the future I will use it to create some simple app’s, but for now creation of this little website was fun enough...
The site was made using Rapidweaver, Touch theme.