Free Drupal Tutorials

For a personal project I recently dove into the CMS framework Drupal. It’s is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world. Drupal is the best system for handling complicated database driven websites. The only down point is the steep learning curve.

Drupal is open source meaning it’s free. To learn the system, I have created a list of free Drupal video tutorials and decided to publish it as a starting point for everyone who is interested in Drupal web development. This is a live document so it will be updated regularly. Read more...

Kaspi Productions websites rebuilt

My company website Kaspi and personal blog Kaspi.TV are built from the ground up to match the latest web standards.
Easy navigation and clean design were two of the most important things that we have improved.
The site will launch by the end of this month.

Website restyling

The final version of is online.We've added a Jobs page for freelance camera operators, animators, 3 artists, producers, lighting people, screenwriters to submit their resumé. This will be added to our database. So if we need people, we consult our database first.

Cool free RSS icons

Matthew Inman is a talented 26 year old web designer from Seattle.
Oat is his blog and he shares with us his beautiful designed RSS icons.
Click here to see his portfolio, and here for the free icons.


Working on

Currently I’m working om my last webproject.
That will finish my triple site project; Blog, Portfolio and iPhone site.