3D Candy Challenge



As a practice for 3D textures, I’m working on a project to make photorealistic candy.
The first renders are from a specific kind of Dutch licorice called ’Engelse Drop’. The challenge lies in the choice of color and texture, to make the candy look so real, your mouth starts to water. Before a render looks realistic it takes a lot of testing and tweaking. Read more...

Unleash Your Fingers

Very nice video that came out this summer and still inspires.

First I was amazed by what this guy does with his fingers. It’s called finger Tutting, a new kind of dance performed by JayFunk, from LA.
But then the 3D animation just blew me away. It’s a well crafted, organic integration of live performance with computer graphics.
La Rose & Vincent Drux composed the perfect sound track that melts all the elements together. Great Job!

Commercial video for Samsung Galaxy SII phone.
It’s produced by La Bande Originale, a French creative agency, based in Paris. Read more...

3D vs. Stereoscopy

”You do 3D? Oh, with the glasses?”
When I tell people I make animations and images in 3D, I always have to explain what I mean. Since most movies in cinema are referred to as being 3D, there is some misunderstanding of the term 3D.
3D refers to 3D computer graphics and Stereoscopy.

Amazing animation

A beautiful 3D animation, what I like about it is the cartoonstyle figure in a very realistic environement.
The maker has an incredible eye for detail.

Alarm from Meteorix007 on Vimeo.

Alarm is an animation directed for Jang Moo-hyun from the independent team of MESAI.